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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hymn to My Mistress - By Slave XI

Here is a devotional Hymn one of my slaves wrote to me in the past weeks, enjoy...

O Mistress, cruel Goddess
Of my Holy Graal.
I am praising you
In the secret of secrecy
In your name Hecate
The three-headed Woman
Of my sinister sense
I confess myself
Being your Servant
A bounded Slave
Of your horde
You whip me with Serpents
The welts on my neck
Showing no mercy
When you scowl at my face
With a sinister eye.
You handcuff my senses
While cursing my pride.
I work for you hardly
When I lay in your chains
So I worship you
With a passionate heart
As your Servant
But I enjoy all the time
Being under your control.

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