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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now Available for sessions at Berlin's Studio Avalon !

 A bittersweet ending at the FemDom Empire was had by all last Saturday.  It is a shame that they could not continue due to problems with the neighbors and landlord, but I must give big respects to what the Empire team accomplished in terms of crossing the boundaries between art and perversion - lifestyle SM and professional productivity.  I had some of the best times I have had in Berlin in the company of some of the members.  Whether filming videos, indulging in my sadistic demeanor with private sessions, or sharing the cold winter Wednesdays in the lounge - I will miss all of these times together.
  While Vampira and the rest of the team take a break during the Spring, and the new FemDom Video Portal goes online - offering quite a few videos starring yours truly - I will be taking sessions at Berlin's famous Studio Avalon.  Once again, these are strictly by appointment only, I am independent Mistress there as I was at Pandora's Box and the Empire as well.  I do not have a problem with being a team member of a big SM Studio however my schedule with travels and my other creative projects do not lend themselves to full time Domination in one of these houses at this time being.  The future is sure to bring many more exciting endeavors, both on my own and with the friends and allies I have made through my past last seven months since settling back in Berlin.

I will most likely be taking sessions in May as well at Avalon, however I will also be in Vienna and may still come out to NYC and Seattle at the end of May.  So let us take advantage of the wonderful studio and equipment which makes Avalon one of the best known and maintained Dungeons in all of Europe!

I am available throughout all of April whilst spending the spring in this fine city.  Schedule your session 24 hours or more in advance, and you must confirm on day of appointment!  Introductions are best through email detailing your tastes and limits and any questions you may have.  Extended stay and overnight sessions are available with deposit of course. Calls from blocked numbers will not be taken seriously!
Online sessions are still available for those of you not able to visit this wonderful studio!

Until then,
Yours in Blasphemy...

Lady Raquel

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revised Hymn from Slave LAShTAL

My slave has rewritten his original hymn and presented me today with a nice foot massage and homemade hummus.  He excels in practicing his second language (English) with me and has improved greatly.  I always enjoy receiving his Hymns and poems, however grammar corrections are usually in order.  We have reedited the text today after coffee and a light lunch.

More on Empire news, video updates etc soon!

New Hymn for Lady Raquel

In the night in which thou awake
I kneel before thou
O mighty Goddess Hecate!
Expect the sacrifice in lust
Accept the holy victim
Put me in irons
Whip the bloody lashs
In the naked flesh
Feeling the pain
I cry for mercy:
Grace, Mistress, grace!

Desire for blood
Thou take the dagger
To scribe the scarlet sigils
By some painful cuts
Controlling my cries
Your hands strangle
The last decision:
You would show me the mercy
If i obey to your commands.
In fear of thou  i whisper
Thanks, Mistress, thanks!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And a few more shots...

I had a wicked time doing this photoshoot with Fernando at the Empire.  That same evening we also shot some bizarre food/foot fetish video clip and photos.  It started like this...

One thing about the Empire is that with the myriad of personas and artists always around the atmosphere is ever shifting and always creative.  A good studio or playspace should not rely just on equipment and furniture but rather be enhancements to the personalities involved in the scene itself.  I have a lot to write about my times at the FEMDOM EMPIRE, and will shortly in the future.
As a side note, the paintings in the photos were done by one of my favorite living painters.  He is from Berlin and his work adds such a special, dark and mystical quality to the place.  I will do a feature here about his exhibition including an interview as well...stay tuned!

Here are a couple more pix...



Saturday, March 6, 2010