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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A fetishist that lacks the tormenting details? Someone needs some more public humilation...

This report is far from finished... enjoy...

A Report

Day 1
I met my mistress at the hotel. She was looking very stylish and elegant – wearing a black leather dress and a pink shirt that matched her nice face – sweet and sexy at the same time. The hotel room was full of her fetish objects – a lovely view. After dinner we got into some latex. My mistress dressed in beautiful black boots and a red latex dress that fit her body perfectly. I prepared to became as  non-human as I could be. She was so kind and allowed me to polish her and zip her up. It was hard not to get excited when doing this assignment.

We went to a dungeon. Lady Raquel was both caring and tough - she was nice and funny company but strict when she felt for it. We went around in the dungeon and the time simply passed away too fast.

Later, when we were at the hotel room, I tried to satisfy my mistress – I hoped she got a little bit happy after that.

Day 2
After the wonderful darkness a sunny day began. It was great time to walk around in the city and talk with the lady. My mistress is not a one-dimensional dominatrix that only cares about different kinds of slavery. She is good company and interesting to talk with as she has many different kinds of interests such as music, design, history and art. And it was easy to feel relaxed together with Lady Raquel. We also went shopping as we needed more latex gear. I hope my lady liked the latex present she deserved. I guess I would have bought much more for my mistress if I was a millionaire.

We relaxed at the hotel. After that it was time for the rituals that most male latex fetishists loves so much: dressing up together with a sexy mistress!

We went to the fetish event rather late, but anyway it was nice to spend time with my lady in these surroundings. My mistress treated me just as in the previous evening and that was just what I needed and deserved.

Again we went to the play house. My mistress attracted many persons and I felt a little bit lonely. Then I did something wrong. I went away from her to discover what happened in this house without telling her. As I was her object I should of course have accepted the situation. But I was curious, as I seldom come to these places. It made me a excited to walk around. Suddenly I found a room with a sling and no people. I had never tried to be in that kind of device so I put my self in it. I hoped my mistress would come and treat me because I was not obedient. It would be so nice to be controlled by her while being in that device covered in latex  Some watched me and no one was interested in me. I got so excited, as I was a cheap almost anti-human object, and I helped my self to come. Yes, it was very pathetic. I would have preferred to play with my mistress instead and let her control my pleasure, but some times lust is difficult to control. After that I went back to where I left my mistress. I found her. She was angry. I deserved that even though I had only played with my self. I owe so many excuses to my mistress.

Day 3
We went home and my Mistress was hard to me. I deserved that even though I told her the truth. She gave me a strict punishment by denying me. I have learned my lessons about how you should treat Lady Raquel. I went home full of nice impressions and at the same time emotionally damaged.

After the meeting the mistress was hard to me. But in the end she showed mercy and made her object happy again. The days with the mistress are difficult to forget because of her charisma. And I always get excited when I think about my experiences with Lady Raquel - and I wish that I could be under her control again in this beautiful fetish/bdsm world of hers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Major Update Part 2

I know it has been awhile since I posted here... It is not for lack of surreal experiences, in fact probably just the opposite.  Since I last wrote, I was about to go to the Kastle in Spain.  Upon arriving I had a great time with the owner/s discussing endless possibilities of utilizing the space more effectively.  The weather was perfect, the boudoir with private terrace and of course I am always happy to wake with a fresh coffee at my bedside table. We were really too busy discussing matters at the property to be able to take a trip on the yacht, but I imagine next time I go there everything will be arranged even better than already it was, I look forward to filming, sessioning and spending some time there in the coming year.  More on that soon of course.

After landing in Berlin exactly at midnight on my birthday, I was greeted by friends and went for some drinks to celebrate...  It was a very special week which culminated in my appearance on stage for 6000 people at a Metal Fest in Germany.   Some photos follow...

 This was my entrance on the last song of their set in the black cloak....
And some minutes later...!

It was a very intense performance action and I am happy to be asked to do it again at one or two other festivals this summer.  Although working for the band can be somewhat stressful, especially when finishing a new album, I still really enjoy being part of their supreme art and sound.

From there I had a couple days to catch up on different matters such as the new video company I am working with here and a day or two to relax before heading to Hamburg for the German Fetish Ball.  I arrived out of the taxi at the Radisson Blu hotel in central Hamburg.  Always a pleasure to find out your room is on the top floor, in this case the 26th floor.  Here is a picture of the view from the room and another pic. from the lobby...

Meglomania Chair :)

Day time when I arrived...

My slave was quite well behaved all weekend.  We had a fabulous time dressing up in latex for 2 evenings, and I know I definitely enjoyed publicly humiliating him as my latex clad anti-human fetish toy.  We had a shopping excursion to a great boutique on the Reaper Bahn when he bought a new catsuit and some latex separates for myself. He is writing a report about his time and how it ended which will be posted here soon.  Until then, enjoy some photos of the our times there coming tomorrow in the next part of this three part major update!


Until tomorrow!

Lady Raquel