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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kidnapped at Avalon!

On the afternoon of June 26th, I headed over to the Avalon Residenz at noon to participate for twenty-four hours in their infamous Kidnapping weekend.  Never having attended one of their events, I was extremely excited when Lady Mercedes rang me a couple days before to invite me to participate.  The weather was perfect as I walked in the gate to witness her delivering some lashes to one of her captives.  She introduced me to one from Denmark who had not yet received too many strokes since his ass was yet unmarked.  There was a sissyslut bounded mercilessly up against the wall while another slave was splayed on the ground with his head serving as a pissoir and spitoon.  I made my rounds and said hello to all the beautiful Ladies in attendance before they took me to the cellar to see some of the slaves that waited in their prison cells.  In total there were six slaves present at this extraordinary event.

The first action I was privy to was alongside Lady Mercedes who administered a perfectly executed enema in the Clinic to the Danish slave I met earlier.  A golden cocktail was served directly up his ass to prepare him for the rest of the days torment.  Next I was taken to see the British slave who had such a huge monstrosity of a cock between his legs that we could not fit a chastity device around it.  Improvising is always useful in this line of work, so Lady Grace and I suited him up tightly in a buckled latex bottom with spikes on the inside of the ass.  We taunted him to sit down and relax while he waits for us to return....The rest of the slaves were also taken back to their cells to rest while we made our way upstairs.

After this we had lunch which was served by the TV house slave Jenny, and discussed how we would go on for the rest of the day.  Mercedes informed me that the British slave said that he wanted "something to remember" and told me to take care of that, which I was happy to oblige her with.  After coffee I changed into a latex skirt and corset, skipping the gloves due to the ever increasing heat of the summer day.  I released the British captive and led him to the Great Hall where I started the session.  He disrobed, folding his prisoner uniform and returning to me for a quick inspection.  I tightly suited him up with a latex chest belt (with exposed nipples) with small plastic spikes facing inwards, a similar corset, leather bondage mitts attached with chains around him and leather mask which reminded me of Hannibal Lecter.  Mercedes came to check on me and delivered a swift hit to his erect cock while I took over with the crop after she left, before moving on to some CBT with the Wartenberg pinwheel.  Soon after I fixed a wooden ball crusher to his bits and proceeded with some sharp corporal punishment.  We could hear all the Ladies outside on the terrace, the strikes, the whimpers and screams echoing back into the Hall.  Binding him outside in front of the Pony stable with his back to the rest of the group, I continued to dish out countless strikes with the whip, always joking about his increasing sunburn.  I fixed his cock and balls to the gate where he was completely immobilized and rather anxious as to how hard I would be on him.  I disappeared for a few moments and returned with some more implements, to soothe and torture.  During a grand session of wax and ice to both his sensitive nipples and his genitals, he proclaimed, "Oh, I have finally seen the light! And it is white as heat...!"  After a few more lashes I untied him fixing him to the caning bench while Annie got a few strokes in for good measure.

We decided to have a quick siesta after that, where they were put back into their cells before being released to serve us coffee and cake.  Ludwig joined us, under the table to rub our feet while he got kicked repeatedly in the balls and sucked on a bottle of one of the Ladies gold nectar.  We taunted the sissy slut and joked for awhile before the next game was played out on the terrace.  The mikado game on the terrace was won by the British slave, with 13 sticks in total.  The runner up was from Denmark, and both winners got to take a Lady out in a inflatable yellow row boat on the lake which frames this enchanting Residenz.  I was chosen to go out on the lake where I was serenaded by him with an SM rendition of "Love Me Tender", it was a perfect late afternoon while the wind blew through my hair. 

After the game we took them back for a rest while we prepared for the rest of the night's activities.  Mercedes told me I should learn more in the clinic after dinner so I would be Annie's assistant.  I was pretty excited since she has been there the longest on the team and is very knowledgeable and a tons of fun to be around.  Unfortunately Christina had to leave at 8pm, so I bid her farewell and then Madame Louise came to take over for her.  We dined all together with stimulating conversation and entertaining stories from the slaves and then prepared once again for the evening.  I had just received my new latex pants from Libidex the day before so I had to try them out.  I felt so sexy in my red and black boots, the new pants, my new red and black corset and a latex bra top and red latex gloves, it was fantastic to be all shined up and feeling so good.  I led the Austrian slave up the stairs by the hair and into the clinic.  Clinic play is not one of my strongest fetishes however I really had some great lessons from Annie which made me appreciate the whole thing much more than I ever had before.  We fixed him to the gynecological table proceeded to use Annie's special nipple torture cones on him and then moved down his body to a saline drip injection to his balls on both sides.  Once the needle drips were in place Annie puled out the Violet Wand, to which I shrieked with joy since I love electrotorture so much.  She shut the light off while I shocked his genitals and he moaned in pain.  I tried my hand at injecting his cock with a saline filled syringe while Annie watched over me. At this point Gracie came to ask if I could join them in the Great Hall to torture Ludwig which I was more than willing to do especially since I was curious about what was happening with all of the Ladies working their wicked ways.

Descending the steps of the Hall I got a glimpse of the British in full body latex with a breath reduction inflatable mask administered very sensuously by Lady Mercedes.  Louise was dealing with the sissyslut in the best way possible, strap-on rammed up its tight cunt.  I joined Ludwig who lay waiting to be showered endlessly in my piss.  Busting his balls with my boots he cried out in ecstasy begging for more.  After a bit of that I graced him with a long Gloden Shower where he proclaimed"See Mistress!  That made me so hard, it's magic!"   Annie asked me to come and help her and the Austrian for a bit, and I was happy to see the saline drip worked amazingly.  His balls were so huge and plump it was a bizarre new site for me to have been a part of... The night ended in Ludwig masterbating himself to oblivion which hysterically exploded with his cum on my the toe of my boot which was not anywhere close to the vicinity of his member.  We cleaned and prepared for the next day and then joined each other for some Pro-Secco before heading to bed.

The morning was earlier than I usually like to start but the weather and coffee on the terrace overlooking the lake made it one to remember forever.  Mercedes told me I should finish the day with the Danish slave, which was perfect for me since more corporal and bondage was to be had.  Before breakfast we made them exercise and hosed them down with the garden hose.  Our sessions started after breakfast, where I indulged my sadistic streak with a heavy whipping (as a warm-up of course) and nipple torture before I secured him to the table in a glorious tie-up.  More CBT and a few dildos later, and my masked captive was moaning in subspace between being forced to swallow my spit and ashes.  Madame Louise came and remarked on my work, calling it true art and then Stella came to finish off the session while I applied the cane strictly to his feet. 

We wrapped up the weekend with coffee and cake on the terrace all together and sent them on their individual ways soon after.  I was happy to have to so many well deserved compliments on my technique, and to have learned a lot more in the process.  I would be pleased to be part of any Avalon event in the future since the Ladies are so gorgeous and wonderful to be around.  The atmosphere of the Residenz is enthralling, as was the company....

Until next time...

Lady Raquel

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