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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Story Submitted by Slave Marco

“Please Suffocate Me”

The Fetish Goddess Lady Raquel was drawing me in deeper and deeper, causing me to have darker and more extreme fantasies of domination. She was a cruel, stunning beauty, especially in heels…her body was tight and toned, her legs were strong and perfectly shaped, and I dreamed of worshipping and adoring them…and being squeezed and choked by them. In fact, the suffocation fantasies were becoming more and more frequent and intense…Lady Raquel smothering me with her beautiful ass…with her breasts…with her hands, wearing long, satin gloves… I decided to take a chance and email her a request: For the sum of $100,000 U.S.…suffocate me--as extremely as she desired. I contacted her by email and begged her to see me. I waited about a week for a reply and was about to give up when I saw her name in my inbox. My heart jumped through my chest as I opened the email—“I’m interested, slave. Follow these instructions exactly if you want your fantasies fulfilled.”

I followed her instructions, wiring her the money and traveling to Berlin. I drove to an out-of-the way warehouse and knocked on the large metal door. When it opened I was transfixed—there she was, splendid in a tightly-cinched black satin corset, towering black stiletto heels, black seamed fishnet stockings with multiple garter straps, and black leather panties—more stunning than her photos. Her magnificent breasts spilled out so enticingly and I drooled at the sight of her—especially her strong, beautiful hands with those wondrous, deadly nails—with perfect strong legs and full, beautiful ass—an ass I prayed she would cover my face with. I was hypnotized by her face—full lips covered with deep red lip gloss and deep purple eye shadow. She looked positively exotic, evil, beautiful and omnipotent--and my cock began to swell.

“So, you want me to suffocate you, slave Marco? At first I was very hesitant, but then I thought: I love to experiment and I have always wondered what it would feel like to take someone to the brink of death by stealing their precious air. I’m going to enjoy playing with your life. I’m sure it will be like no other feeling in the world—and I’m $100,000 richer. I bet you can’t wait to be smothered by your Goddess, hmmmm?” Lady Raquel caressed my face with her devastating hands, dragging her nails along my flesh. Do you like my sensuous, strong hands, you useless slave? Perhaps I will strangle you with them. Mmmmmmmmmm.”

The Goddess led me down a long hallway and into a brightly-lit room. My eyes were glued to her legs and ass. There was a full-length mirror on the wall and a chair in the middle of the floor. “I want to see this from every angle, slave. I want to admire myself—and my work. I want to see everything that happens to your body as I suffocate you and be fascinated and excited by it.”

Lady Raquel ordered me to strip and sit in the chair. I was already hard and she smiled. “Excited already”, she laughed. “I see your cock is so engorged at the thought of being suffocated by your Goddess. I’d like to see some seminal fluid leaking from you and I’m quite good at coaxing it out of my slaves.”

The Goddess began running her sharp nail along one of the bulging veins in my stiff cock…”Isn’t that an incredible feeling, slave? Up and down I go—so slowly, so deliberately. Have you ever felt such sensations?” She smiled as I shivered and moaned and squirmed…I felt my pre-cum tickle as it began to ooze from my cock…then she suddenly jabbed her nail tip into my ball-sac and laughed at my sudden intake of breath.

“Dripping pre-cum one second and stabbing pain the other—such beautiful extremes, don’t you think, slave?”

“Yes, Goddess. Yes…please let me cum, Lady Raquel, pleaseI have traveled so far and I have dreamed of cumming for you. I beg you to let me cum.

“Not quite yet, worm. I want your suffering to last so I can enjoy it. I want to get my money’s worth.

The Goddess observed herself in the mirror, mesmerized by her devastating beauty, admiring her beautiful hair, her ass and hands, running her hands over her breasts and ass—the flesh so smooth and enticing as it spilled over her dark corset. “Mmmmmmm…look at my perfect, strong body. I could crush you in an instant…and you would let me. Do you adore my perfect body you pitiful, worthless slave?” WELL, DO YOU???? ANSWER ME!!!

I whimpered in response: “Yes, my Goddess, I adore your body completely and above all else. But Lady Raquel, I have a request before you suffocate me. Would you please fill my mouth with your spit? I have dreamed of this so much. Please, please, I want to taste and swallow it.

Lady Raquel laughed. She walked to me and pulled my head back. She pried open my mouth. She gathered saliva in her mouth and slowly let it drool into mine…Her spit slithered down my throat, so warm and slimy…I swallowed it, gulped it…”Morearrrcchhhh…ppppplease, Lllllllady Rrrrrraquellll, more…arghhhhh…more…” And she did…rivulets of her sacred spit drooled into my mouth as my cock stiffened from excitement and humiliation…I felt such overwhelming lust and desire…

Lady Raquel then circled me as I licked the remnants of her spit from my face and mouth. “Mmmmm did you enjoy the taste, slave? Perhaps you will enjoy the taste of my ass even more.”  The Goddess turned her magnificent ass into my face. “Inhale the forbidden scents of my ass, slave. Fill your lungs with its essence…it is what you are living on right now…I want the scents branded into your brain. Mmmmmm, that’s it, push your tongue in as deeply as you can…suck on my leather panties and probe inside.” I began licking and kissing her divine ass thoroughly, plunging my tongue deep inside it, running my hands over her stockings, probing her anus as hungrily as I could.  My cock strained to bursting as she moaned with pleasure, pushing my face deeper into her fragrant ass. I struggled to breathe, my face coated with my own worship spit. “Mmmmm, you are very good, slave. Perhaps I will make you my human toilet paper. Would you like that? I nodded my head as I struggled to survive…I was growing dizzy from the damp warmth and lack of air, about to pass out, and I could smell my Goddess’s excitement. Suddenly she removed my head from her ass and threw me to the floor, handling me like a rag doll. I gasped and gulped for air and tried to get up.

The Goddess pushed me down with her sharp heel and circled me again. Her heels clicked loudly…they were so long and deadly…she could trample me with them and I would adore every painful stab. She then slowly and deliberately stroked my stiff, drooling cock with her heel, smiling at my clear ooze, stopping when I was about to cum. She pushed her heel into my pee hole, stringing out my pre-cum—“Like fucking snot!,” she hissed with disdain. She watched all this in the mirror, giddy with lust and power as she degraded and destroyed me. My body twitched as pre-cum emerged from my bloated cock. Lady Raquel smiled down at my pathetic form as I shook uncontrollably. “Did you enjoy the smell of my ass, slave? I was so very tempted to end your life. Perhaps another, more intense dose…”

Suddenly she turned and lowered herself onto my face, pushing down with all her weight, moving her ass around and around…I struggled and moaned into her wet leather panties as she suffocated me, my body lifting under her in desperation for life…She smiled with satisfaction as my hands gripped her waist and ass in total panic, my fingers pushing deep into her flesh. But my grip slowly loosened as I became less and less conscious. Lady Raquel, wet with arousal, laughed out loud as my legs began to spasm and my arms dropped to the floor.

When I awoke I was again slumped in the chair. The Goddess was now wearing black satin opera-length gloves. She was so confident, strong and aroused; I was deliriously weak and completely at her mercy. She straddled me and sat on my lap, deliberately rubbing my engorged cock with her ass. I heard something crumpling in her hand.

“Have you ever wanted to be suffocated by plastic, slave? I have toyed with the idea of suffocating slaves into oblivion with my ass and bare hands, but plastic is so unique and exciting…it allows me to see a slave’s face twist and contort with desperation for air. I have experimented more and more with this technique, and I plan to take it further than I ever have--with you.”

Without warning, Lady Raquel unfurled a plastic bag and quickly placed it over my head. She smiled and stared at me as my life-giving air was suddenly cut off…The bag filled and contracted, gradually at first, but then I panicked and started breathing in and out hoarsely and loudly and quickly. I stared through the bag at her rouged eyes, so alive with power. She licked her full lips with excitement and anticipation.

“Mmmmm, I love the contortions your body is making…how it reacts to being drained of life. Look how the bag is fogging up with your life’s breath…I feel your cock swelling. You should be getting dizzy shortly from lack of oxygen.” As I kept struggling, the all-powerful Goddess crushed my stiff cock with her divine ass. She held the bag in place with one hand and ran her other gloved hand over my face and head as I struggled to stay alive. She stuck out her tongue and licked my face through the bag as I fought so desperately to live. Then she took my trembling, shaking hand and ran it over her warm stocking tops and bare thighs…up and down…making my stiff cock want to burst with cum. All the while, the Evil Goddess stared at the tableau in a full-length mirror, admiring her deadly, cruel beauty, her wet lips, smiling at my back stiffening and contorting as I struggled against her, watching her gloved hand stroke the back of my head through the deadly bag, thrilled with the fact that she was slowly killing me.

As I was about to pass out, Lady Raquel removed the bag, allowing me to fill my lungs…The life-giving air felt so cold and sharp…But just as I regained my senses, she quickly replaced the bag. She did this again and again, for what seemed like hours, each time leaving the bag on longer and longer, laughing as I struggled and cried into the bag, so fascinated and aroused as my face turned blue and the bag was dripping wet with the condensation of my hot, dying breath…as I sucked the bag in and out of my wide-open mouth…as my panic spit foamed and spattered the bagso intoxicated was Lady Raquel with her power over life and death.

“Oh, my, look how your skin is changing colors from lack of oxygen. Maybe I should speed up the process.” The Fetish Goddess, smiling, then pressed her thumbs against the veins in my neck as she suffocated me, strangling me at the same time, staring into my eyes and feeling unbelievable power course through her fingers…Everything began to go white as I gagged and chewed at the bag, struggling to find the smallest bit of air…My eyes rolled back into my head and my body went into spasms…the deadly Goddess squeezed and squeezed…Finally, my body went limp and she removed the bag. She smiled as she felt me ejaculate, felt my warm cum spreading beneath her. She lifted herself up so she could see my white semen coating her black leather panties…and she smiled and moaned with satisfaction and delight.

I was still alive, but barely…Lady Raquel had decided to spare me—but I wondered what she had planned for me next…

To be continued????

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