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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Unravelling - Part One

Greetings readers,
I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with everything your twisted hearts desire!
The Fem Dom Empire party was a lot of fun once again - an update on that later -
once I get some pics of the party...
Here is the first part of a story I wrote about 4 years ago - enjoy!


    Foot upon foot of tight white rope coiled like an albino python awaiting it's next victim, Vincent Grey started to unravel the mystery of his new lover.  This was the third time they had indulged in their visceral yearnings, the third time to uncover a part of themselves they never knew existed.  The time itself doesn't matter however, since these feeling spanned aeons - like dimensional planes intersecting. Leading each other into the final abyss of flesh and blood, where nights are fleeting moments and seconds are lifetimes.

    The sound of her resonant breath, the tenebrous voice sent chills up his spine as she commanded him to arrive at her studio at 9:30 - the same time as each other encounter.  Upon hanging up the phone, flashes of carnal delights assaulted his imagination.  He knew this time she would really take him further into the depths of unspeakable passions.  Never before had he been in the presence of such a striking woman who knew what he needed, one who knew things he didn't even know about himself.  It was like opening the gates to another zone of being.  She was adept at the art of pure domination.  He was ready to worship her every move and yield to her ever-twisting desires.

    Dripping wet from her bath, Ms. Lips turned her gaze upon the reflection in the gilded bathroom mirror.  Her freshly shaved body was streamlined and sleek.  The entirety of her figure glistened against the blood red walls as she swept back her thick black hair and prepared for Vincent's arrival.  Silken stockings fastened to a tightly cinched patent leather corset.  Her taut white breasts almost spilled over the edge of it and her breathing was constricted subtly.  While slipping into her black lambskin skirt Apocalips ran her left hand gently up her smooth sex smirking to herself about how she really earned her name.  Staining her lips the color of her walls. Fastening her broad silver collar around her long neck.  She took the dark kohl stick to her seering eyes and lined them like a Hindu high priestess who was about to engage in the rites of a temple orgy.

    It was 9:03 and the pre-autumn night was drawing near, rose colored light filled her entire loft.  The well appointed space was filled with the sound of John Cage's "103".  Tight strings and orchestral percussions permeated her surroundings while the flicker of multiple candles sent shifting shadows to play across her wide walls.  She poured herself some Pinot Noir, swirled the sanguine liquid around the glass and took a seat upon the stainless steel chair.  Zipping up her knee high patent leather spike heels led her attention once again to her increasingly moist pussy.  Even the act of preparing for the next session with Vincent was enough to start her juices flowing.  Ms. Apocalips spread her satin legs wide while seated in front of the full length mirror and slid her finger right up from the base of her slit to her meaty clit while she planned out some more methods of enflaming her lover's hidden desires.  Almost losing herself to her own self, Lips slipped one finger deep into her hot sex while letting out a low moan.  Suddenly a distant rumble of thunder rolled in like a response to her own appetite.  The wind outside picked up and blew through her long velvet curtains extinguising the three candles closest to the window.  Torn away from her luscious endeavors,  she withdrew her hand and raised her finger to her succulent lips to taste her own sweetness.  A flash of lightning lit up the sky and at that second her doorbell rang, again like a response to the incoming storm.

    Grey knew that the anxiety would subside once the pain began.  He wasn't sure which one he was growing to like more though.  Two men joined him in the elevator, and he wondered to himself about how many of the other inhabitants knew of Ms. Lips and her out of the ordinary tastes and occult leanings.  She stood out in any room, and yet had a knack for becoming almost invisible when she didn't want to be recognized in a given situation.  They got out on the 4th floor and he was left with a few seconds to double check his appearance in the mirrored lift.  Vincent's heart started to race as he walked out into the long hallway which seemed to lengthen as he tried to get closer to her doorway.  For she was the unattainable.  Every bit closer they became, every wish of hers he granted, she was one step ahead of him.  Lips embodied such a preternatural presence.

    Rain started pounding against the windows that she rushed to shut them.  Three strong knocks echoed through her living space signalling that the evening was about to commence.  Standing at equal height in her five-inch heeled boots their eyes locked together and nothing needed to be said.  She kissed him briskly on the lips and he caught a quick lingering scent of sweet musk on her breath.  She ushered him in to her lair wearing the same purple silk kimono that she had on last time they were together.  The back of the robe featured a skillfully embroidered serpent in the act of eating its own tail.  When asked about it she replied, "All is One.  As Above, so Below."  By the way the belt was tied Vince could see she had noticably drawn in her already tight waistline, and was immediately drawn back into thinking about what lay under the mysterious robe.  Lips offered him a glass of wine, topped her own off, and went to her Hi-Fi system to change CDs.  Walking across the wooden floor back to the leather couch where he was sitting intently eyeing her, Ms. Apocalips stopped and stood there while the building background music of Penderecki filled the room with even more tension.

    "This will be a night to remember Vincent.  I want you to surrender to me completely.  Without losing yourself to me you will never be able to find your true self.  The past two times together were exceptional for someone who doesn't have much experience in the field of submission.  Tonite you will be able to show me exactly how much you worship me as a real goddess incarnate," She said and  drew closer like a wild cat stalking its prey.

    "I will give everything I am to you," he replied, "Not one day has past since we last met that visions of you didn't fill my head.  I want you to explore your darkest passions with me.  I am yours, do what you will."

    With that, she commanded him to remove his clothes completely. He was naked while her body remained completely enshrouded.  The feeling of submission which he hadn't fully gotten used gripped him again.  She stood over him grinning while he took a seat on her steel bondage chair.  His lean hairless chest was just as she liked it, and his eyes held an element of fright that let her know she was now in control of his every move.  Her custom made chair was a master piece of precision perversion.  She slipped his arms through the cuffs and tightened them. Spread his legs apart and fastened them to the sides.  Then Lips flicked a switch on the back which caused the entire chair to warm up to the temerature of her liking.  His cock was growing engorged and she reveled in the site of his naked body
which was now a blank cavas awaiting her artistic marks.  She took his entire manhood in her leather clad hand and started to wrap a thin black rope around it.  Whiling securing the knot she leaned her head close to his neck and scraped her teeth up against him, going back once more to really
dig her incisors in.

    "You're all mine now, do you understand that Vincent?  Even if you wanted to get away you wouldn't be able to now," she hissed, "I have have been waiting for this game to begin and once it starts there is no holding back my infernal appetites."

    He could tell he shouldn't answer her, she was just warming up.  She turned and walked a few paces away.  The sacred symbol of the serpent emblazoned in green, orange and yellow came draping down revealing a most magnificent sight.  She was wearing a corset he had never seen,tightly laced shiny leather enhancing her incredible figure.  Her full and well formed ass snug in a black leather mini gave way to seamed stockings that he imagined must be thigh high.  His cock grew even harder, until he felt like all of his blood was trapped in the tied up package which was now at her disposal.

    Lacing up the back of the soft hide mask, Lips felt waves of sinister pleasure wash over her.  Sensory deprivation was one of her specialities.  She knew once his visual perceptors were handicapped, his physical sensors would heighten in sensitivity.

    Amauraphilia.  Blinded by a blinding beauty.

    Vince grew more apprehensive as his prick swelled.His heartbeat descended into his sex.  His pulsating heart was completely exposed to her vicious lusts.  Ms. Apocalips turned the heat up on the seat as the drum beats of the rain picked up their intensity.  She went to her alter like table and picked up a cold steel instrument.  Without knowing what was coming next he felt spinning spikes digging into his chest.  She ran the implement from one nipple to the other, every time deeper and deeper.  Lips twisted his sensile nipple in one hand while she worked the torture instrument down his torso.  He started to feel a creeping  dread wash over him until suddenly the recognition of her hot pussy sliding against his right knee brought him back to the real reason why he was there.  She possessed one of the most delicious cunts in existence.  Grey strained hard against his bindings to no avail. The mask prevented him from communicating his impending desire for her.  At the beginning Vince knew she got off on this, but never knew exactly how far she would go to quench her ultimate thirst.  He was about to learn the meaning of true submission to a diety in the flesh.

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9," she counted out sharply, informing him of the number of lashes he had taken to the insides of his virgin thighs, "Oh you are going to take so much more tonight, and you will do it all for me.  I ache inside when I see your flesh redden under my whip."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9," she counted out sharply, informing him of the number of lashes he had taken to the insides of his stinging thighs, "Surrender your entire being to me Vincent and I will wash away more than this pain with unheard of pleasures."  She ran her gloved hand over his burning skin, tracing the tips of her fingers up towards the shaft of his exposed cock.

     "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9," she counted out sharply, informing him of the number of lashes he had taken to the insides of his welted thighs, "Loose yourself to these marks which will serve as a sigil of my awaiting inner deamon."  The hypnotic surge of searing pain took hold of his entirety.  Muffled sobs tore through the leather mask.  A pause of the incessent flagellation left him gasping for breath.  Still blind to her next attack, Vince felt the sudden silence and cessation of sensation almost as excruiating as being tortured by her lashings.

    Nipples clamped with freezing metal sent shivers back up to his third Chakra.  She unzipped the mouth of the hood and thrust two of her fingers into his dry mouth.  Finally rewarded for the pain he had endured, he sucked on her slick digits savouring every drop of sex she shared with him.

    "Oh please give me more Lips, I need to taste you," he begged.

    "Never speak until I regard you as anything more than my servant," she snapped, reminding him of who was in the position of granting wishes now and withdrew her fingers, "You will suffer one more test of my sadistic plans before I release you from this chair and place you in an ever more compromising position."

    Removing the clamps by smacking them off, Vince moaned and felt the blood surge into his nipples once more.  Ms. Lips knelt down in front of his spread and lacerated thighs placing her lips against his stiff member.  Her reptilian tongue flicked the smooth head of his sex until it glistened with its own wetness.  White teeth bore down upon the engorged rod while he strained to withhold begging for mercy by letting out some uncomfortable sounds and squeezing his now damp hands into fists.  Deprived of his vision of her, he started to imagine a translucent succubus devouring his manhood, as if it would take on a more physical presence once his was terminated.  A sexual vampire preying upon men's hidden lusts.  Lips was not dissimilar to his phantasm on this stormy night.  Almost losing herself in the act she recoiled from his sex, and turned her attention to the gleaming objects next to her.  He heaved a heavy breath and tried to get ahold of his visualizations of her twin demon self.

    "Do not move one inch.  You are the one who will suffer even more if you don't follow my every command," she whispered breaking through the heavy atmosphere, "Trust in my knowledge of how to bring you closest to experiencing the utmost terror while I delight in your agony.  Only then will I reward you the return of your vision. Do you understand?"

    "Yes," he sighed, "I will go through anything to just see your perfect face, your eyes."

    One by one she used the fine needles to puncture his flesh.  With eight in place, four around each nipple, Grey's endorphins took hold of his experience.  A rush of pleasurable fear washed over him.  Never before had he envisioned himself in such a position of malleability.  Her attention shifted to his exceptional prick.  Lips licked her lips while she placed one down at the base of his shaft. Another.  And another.  He lost count while bound to the unforgiving chair that had now grown almost uncomfortably hot.  With thirteen needles in place Lips ran her fingers gently over the pierced flesh as he moaned lower and lower.  She had now opened him up to a world he had always thought beyond reach.  Explosions of violet hungers swept through her mind.  Apocalips left him restrained in a sea of crimson illusion while she selected SPK's "Leichenschrei " to shift her own senses to overdrive.  The sight of him taking the pain so well caused her to decide he should now witness it himself.  She unfastened the mask, betraying his slender face and eyes that looked like he had seen into another dimension.  He knew enough not to say a word.  She bent down towards him.  Hair brushed against his tormented nipples as she placed her full red lips against his. Her knowledgable tongue probed deep into his parched mouth and the constant pain of the thirteen needles started to dissipate in their shared pleasure.  Ms. Lips ran her tongue down Vincent's neck while playing with the needles inserted through a thin layer of skin up shaft of his cock.

    "How does it feel my sweet, to look down and see how well your body responds to my talents?" she inquired.

    "My body is just a reflex of my mind. You are the only reason I could withstand this punishment," he sighed, surprised by his own pain tolerance.

    Ms. Apocalips was the first woman he had known that could be so turned on by indulging in such perverse rites.  A real lioness who seemed to hold more wisdom than just knowing the limits of the flesh.  Her ancient eyes and young skin radiated an unearthly power in the darkened loft.  Vince came out of his vertigo and slowly back into his body to find his chest dripping blood.  Lips reached round the chair and took out another futuristic metal and glass appliance.

    Lightning struck again, this time in the shape of a down turned trident along the horizon of the city night.

    " Now I will use my own devices to make these thirteen wounds into conductors of my lust," she said as she held the wand in her hand, "Prepare to recieve a Current of my unbridled desire"

    Bright purple and white light accompanied the low hum of the machine once she twisted the power knob into the right position.  Vince had a quick flash of the Bride of Frakenstein strobe through his head.

    "No please, not on the metal," he whimpered as she stroked his brown hair with her other hand.

    "I know what I am doing, and I also know what you need," she replied sternly,"Do not second guess my intuition."

    Firmly grasping his stiff prick in her right hand, Apocalips moved the apparatus closer to the five needles which seemed to glow from the uncanny light it emitted.  Shocks struck the metal blasting Vincent back into fits of exhausting exctasy.  Graeme Revel's sonic dismemberment played out in the background.  Her eyes were luminescent in the gloom.

    "Apocalips, I beg you to spare me," he screamed and squirmed in the seat as his cock ached like nothing he had ever experienced.

    "Ok Vincent, you have shown me that you really are here to serve me, but do not forget that this is only the beginning of the night," she said.

    "Thankyou", he gasped,"now let me really worship you they way I know how. Your ways are almost uncomprehensible to me but I know that I was made to withstand them. "


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