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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A long overdue update!

Greetings readers....

I haven't really written a long update since the last Kidnapping action at the Avalon Residence, which still remains a peak memory of this summer.  Obviously I had a new photo shoot since then, with one of my clients/allies who is also a very talented photographer.  Seeing that we were dealing with 36+ degree heat after a long night of talking and conceptualizing - we both feel it turned out very fine for our first shoot together.  It always takes time to develop a rapport with a photographer, to know how he/she works, envisions the scenes, plus the trust and feeling of being comfortable which grows with every subsequent shoot.

There are still some missing pics from a shoot I did a week before the shoot... The other Lady is Madame Louise who is relatively new to the scene but is 666% enthralled with Sadomasochism.  I will never forget her telling me before we fell asleep at the residence together something along the lines of "once you tasted the sweet nectar of S&M nothing is the same"...  She is a wonderful woman, and I am always happy to meet in the Studio or otherwise.  Our photographer works for Maxim and GQ and the slave just so happened to be someone I knew from the music scene since I was 17!  What a shock on his face when I arrived at the scene of the crime ...   :)  In any case - those are pix are coming soon....!  Stay tuned.

After the shoot I finally decided to go full force and get the chest tattoo which I wanted for over a year...  Swen at Scratchers Paradise in Berlin did a tremendous job sealing this sigil onto my chest.  Almost 3 hours of a searing hot needle seemed like a high tech Chakra exercise - My throat, chest, and solar plexus marked infinitely by his steady yet brutal hand.  This piece is probably my favorite by now and has healed up beautifully.  I will go for one more session in a week or two.

I went to Sweden for a week to perform and to take a bit of a vacation.  I had no idea it was Stockholm Pride Week that week, but I love when my plans work out beyond my planning.  I met with Jan from the city whom I had met in Berlin at FemDom Empire many months before.  On our first meeting we drank wine on the sea and talked about how life was treating us and then moved on to a great dinner overlooking the entire city.  We were bestowed with a magnificent sunset after dinner, perfect before the debauchery.

The next night he invited me to attend an event at SLM (Swedish Leather Men) Club, only open to women 2 days a year.  Thankfuly one of them was the day I had off in Stockholm.  I met a lot of interesting people and spent the evening in their fully equipped dungeon, quite rare for Scandinavia.  There are no photos from the event since they are prohibited, but I recommend going if you are a man with a penchant for leather and whip and chains....   The next day I had to travel further into Sweden to perform.  Sometimes I can be found on stage, and this time it was definitely a good audience.  I will grace you with a couple photos...

After Sweden, I found myself back in Berlin with a couple days to recover before my first ever OFFICIAL video shoot.  This will appear on the GERMAN HOUSE OF PAIN website, run by Studio Avalon.  I am so pleased with my performance, the submission of my camslave, and the whole scenario.  The day before the shoot I came up with the idea - I wanted to integrate crossdressing (a favorite of my slave) with heavy CBT and also use the glass restriction box which Avalon  features.  This is personally - THE BEST PIECE OF EQUIPMENT EVER MADE - by all regards, my total dream machine.  What transpired was fabulous.. Sexy.  Sick.  A twisted fearytale in a forbidden land of sadistic perversity.  Still shots and trailers will be available soon, but I assure you - if you want to see me at my best with a friend and slave whom I trust to deliver a brutal "money shot" you will not be disappointed!  Needles.  Electro - torture.  Anal Torment.  Heavy Bondage.  Sci - fi permeations.  Wicked tales of sluts in training. The Grand Marquis himself would be proud. All of that coming soon.

Obviously - I HAVE A NEW NUMBER - I am still here, all is great, and there will be much action to come in the following months...  Until next time... it won't be long.  By the way, I updated some links to my site and will continue to in the coming weeks.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Lady Raquel

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