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Friday, October 15, 2010

On the topic of being "gentle"


I am back in Berlin after some more exhausting and exhilarating travels. 
After coming back from the Ukraine and looking through some posts on the Max Fisch forum,
I felt the need to respond to a post by a Domina from America.....enjoy the discourse...

From Lexi -

"When I think of a Dominatrix the last thing that comes to mind is gentle or nurturing, that is what your wife is for.
I am not saying every session has to be extreme, but come on I think most men would be disappointed to get a "gentle" session.

You come to a Dominatrix to get your ass beat, fucked, humiliated, trained, whatever not nurtured?

Little bit of a rant, I think is contradictory to list gentle and dominatrix in the same sentence. "

My response follows...

"My thoughts on the topic......

I am not sure why there is such need for a totalitarian dichotomy when thinking of sessions. Personally I prefer to be involved with sadistic scenes, as it leaves alot more room for me to experiment. I cannot understand how any pro Domme finds it necessary to pair "bitchy" with extreme punishment. To me these are two completely separate, the former usually leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

When participating or observing sessions alongside Lady Mercedes, one of the owners of Studio Avalon, I am always amazed at her "bedside manner". She can pair such sweet and sadistic torment against extremely vulgar dirty talk and a gentle teasing manner which ultimately ends in the sub completely losing all touch with the outside world. I think in a session, no matter how long, as a symphony of sorts. If you did not have the contrast of the slower -more quiet- interludes, the impact of the crescendo would have no effect.

Even when you look at such "dances" as boxing/wrestling, film editing, a well planned four course meal, or the art of war.... There is always a retreat or withdrawal - and a rhythm which leads the participant through a ever shifting landscape of feelings and emotions. The play of light, heat intensities, scent and vocal tone can be more powerful than a one hour "no holds barred" onslaught by a latex clad robot. When watching really heavy scenes in either on video or in real life I have no need for much dialogue even, but that also means no usual bitchy banter either.

Why any paying sub would want to be sent into an insensitive firing line with their backs to the wall until expiration is beyond me. Surely even the Sado-Queen of cinema, Ilsa, had her whispering parts and succulent smirks. If this is what most subs really wanted I imagine there would be a new fetish of going through those automatic assembly line car washes naked in the winter.

Back from Ukraine!

Lady Raquel

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