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Monday, April 4, 2011

Interview with Lady Raquel for a Colombian Metal magazine

Here is an interview with a Colombian Metal magazine, I will also be appearing on the cover...! Enjoy.
Pix are from The Baroness Mardi Gras party in NYC this Winter.

¿What is your true name?

My real name is of no consequence. I am known by many titles all over the world.

¿What are your musical influences?

Music plays a big part in my life obviously. I take a lot of inspiration from many sources including
experimental electronics, industrial noise, some classical works, old punkrock, and Extreme Metal as well. I like to hear pieces that have the force to change my mood in some direction, to either invigorate me, keep me on the edge of my seat,
or even soothe my tense nerves.

¿What are your favorites writers?

In no specific order..... Marquis de Sade, Philip K. Dick, Aleister Crowley, J.G. Ballard, Bataille...
I read a lot of nonfiction as well - usually biographies and true crime. You can find in my collection many books on the occult and magick, as well as a smaller collection of photo books by photographers that I find interesting.

¿What are your favorites artists (paint, scuplture, etc)?

I must say that in the history of art there are many artists which have made a lasting impression. The most up to date and current group of (living) artists which have made an impact are the members of the Viennese Actionists. Their work primarily deals with the essence of flesh, the limits of the human body, ritualistic orgies of the life/death chasm. Hermann Nitsch is possibly the most famous living Austrian Artist at the moment. His works transcend the religious with emphasis on the cycles of feasting, musick, and ritualistic bloodletting.

¿Single, married, divorced?

Depends on who is asking


No. I would like a snake in the future however.


See the above!

¿Do you believe in something? God, Alá, whatever.

I believe first and foremost in myself. The more energy I put into making my life and my art as I wish them to be, the more things open up to me. You can look at some of them as "coincidence" or "sent by God" - however I just view these opportunities as as the fruit of following my free will and desires. Gods, of any sort are an easy way to blame or honor what happens in your life, I do not need an excuse. I know that if I make a mistake, I will have to pay the consequences, or in turn - when I work my hardest then things will fall into place. This is no mystery. As far as the occult goes, many rituals are there to get your mind into the right place to impact the world around you - I try to live life as a ritual everyday.

Beyond your profession ¿What does mean the word ‘domination’?

Domination can mean a variety of things. I prefer the term Sadomasochism, because in the end actually I really prefer the exchange of Sadistic treatment to a real masochist. Domination requires submission. Submissives can be masochists, but this is not necessarily the case. Submissive men and women can sometime only feel the need to serve, to be subordinate. This can be very fascinating and also gives me a different form of satisfaction. I must admit that I really do enjoy torturing people who can openly admit that they need to suffer.

¿Do you admire some dominatrix in the world?

Actually, yes I do. Both of the Ladies at Studio Avalon are amazing enough to admire. They run their gorgeous studio here in Berlin for many years. They have given me the opportunity to take independent and guest sessions at their quarters, which I feel is an honor in itself. They run the best studio here in Berlin, and it is known all over the world by Dommes and slaves alike. In addition to the Studio, they own and operate an SM Residenz which hosts long term slave stays, kidnapping events, play parties and many other bizarre evenings. I have had sessions and learned a lot from Lady Mercedes. She is exceptional, both as a Domme and as a person.

¿In what moment do you feel that be dominatrix will be your life way?

I was 19 when I started professionally. At 16, I had my first experience with bondage and submission. After spending about 2 years in the professional domination business I went on to start my record label and quickly fell in to the music world. Always playing in my personal life with my lovers... collecting implements and clothing... I went back to professional domination at the end of 2009.

¿How was your beginnings in the dominant art?

This is a rather funny story. I applied to a house of Domination in Detroit run by a Master. They were looking for "experienced" Mistresses but obviously, being so young I told him I would be very willing to learn everything but had very little experience at that time. He liked my energy and outlook so he told me I could train there for a month and then start taking my own sessions. In S/M usually you learn by being on the "bottom", by being a slave or submissive. This works the best as far as I am concerned, but I didnt feel like having him train me since I was pretty much leaning towards lesbianism at that time. I told him that I did not like being touched by men and he decided to train me on the other Mistresses. This worked out very well and in close to 6 months I had many devoted slaves.

¿What do you think that the true reasons for that many clients or persons draw
on to your services more than the simple fetish?

Although it is a cliche, many men feel the need to serve a dominant woman because of the fact that they are always in charge of running a business or taking care of a family. The pressures to always be successful and do better can leave one with a desire to be "nothing" or to serve someone else. This is the general reason, however there are a myriad of reasons as to why someone is drawn to suffering physical pain and/or humiliation. Every case is different, and it is always a learning experience for both parties.

Approximately ¿how much your dominatrix art session?

Depending on the session and where it takes place, what is involved.... more than a monthly wage in Colombia I imagine

¿Do you like being dominated?

I have had my experience with it, of course. I prefer to be in the Dominant role most of the time. there are very few examples of times when I really feel the need to submit to someone, and that is usually to another Professional Mistress. Luckily enough I know quite a few, so that personal fetish of mine is not to hard to organize if I so feel like it.

Sometime I worked like a model in the sex online (webcams), it was for a article that I wrote for a important magazine in my country and met some guys that feel things beyond the fact of the sexual experience, even said that be in love. In your job ¿do you live a love story or something similar?

I do not get involved personally with my clients. I have some lifestyle slaves which serve me and then I have less boundaries as far as personal connections go. I have learned from past experience that it is best to keep clients as clients and friends as friends. Of course there are some situations where a slave will fall head over heels for me, but in the end, I do not see this working on any level.

For you, ¿what are the difference between in the love and the sex related to your work?

First off, I do not have sex with any of my clients. I can respect them, their desire to submit themselves to me. This takes a lot of power actually. From the first contact over email or telephone, to booking the appointment, to paying me and suffering my Sadistic whims. This takes a lot of strength, and that is what I respect in all of my slaves.

If in this moment i ask you that describe a exciting situation ¿What could be say us?

There are so many different sessions that I find exciting, hard to pick one. If you read my blog, you can find a very long report I wrote about the 24 hour Kidnapping session I was part of at the Avalon Residenz. This was a 48 hour weekend organized by the Ladies at Avalon which they invited me to work the second day and evening. We had about 7 slaves from all over Europe here, locked in real jailcells through the evening. We dined with them under our feet, played sadistic games, and lived like a part of a de Sade story. It was exceptional on every level.

For many people be a dominatriz is a rare or strange profession but for someone who performs this job ¿What would be “strange” “rare” “peculiar” that one client to ask you?

After Bogota, I worked in NYC at Pandora's Box for a couple days. The funniest, strangest request I was ever booked for happened.... Someone called asking for a "Sarah Palin fetish". They wanted me to dress and act like Sarah Palin, Govenor of Alaska. This definitely sent the entire dungeon up in a roar of laughter....! Me of all women asked to be one of the most idiotic women on Earth! Very very very funny.

¿What do you think about the double moral? I think that you have been supported many people judging.

I do not care what other people think of what I do. This is my life, I choose to live how I wish. I do not judge other people, and I do not like when others judge me. "Every man and woman is a star. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

We know that you’re artist and you have been worked in albums of the some metal bands in many aspects ¿What is your muse of inspiration?

When I work for metal bands usually I am their muse. This is the case with one band especially since they have been calling me their official Sukkubus for the past few years. The frontman inspires me as I inspire him, it is a very good working situation most of the time.

¿How was your experience with them?

Well, that is pretty difficult to answer. I have experienced every single emotion possible with these guys. Friendship. Brotherhood. Brutality. Sadistic blood orgies. True Art. Shredding concert halls all over the world. Mountainous getaways. Loyal support. Respect. Disrespect. Affection. Violence. Blasphemy. Beauty. Always intense, always extreme.

¿How was your featuring in the artwork?

It was amazing to film the video with them. I have been asking to be in a vid or artwork for as long as I have known them, with every release. The frontman always said "No way. Never!" Ask him why he decided to use me this year, I am still surprised. He made me diet before the video - for a month - that was ok... always good to get more in shape. The crew for the shoot was perfect, good friends who I felt very comfortable with. We had such a fantastic weekend... I would do it again in a second, even with the extreme diet!

Actually ¿how do you define the woman position on the rock international scene?

I don't. I do not care anymore, just work on my own stuff like I was a man. If I spent time always thinking or saying "I am a woman in Metal!" or ... "I am a woman in the most extreme Art!" - I would have no time to actually get my work accomplished. Yes, I know there are very few women, especially in Black Metal. I do not care, the men I work with respect me for me, not because I have beautiful breasts, that is just a bonus..

LadyRaquel ¿what doesn’t accept in her life?


¿Lady Raquel has thought to being a dominatrix all her life?

I have been for most of my adult life, whether as a musician or a real Domina. Too late now, I would not change it anyways.

¿How do you want that the world remember you?

As a brave woman and artist, who followed her own instincts and never gave in to the pressures of mediocrity.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a bunch... This was a very interesting interview and big respect to all your readers! Thanks for support!

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  1. I'm curious, which Classical works do you love?

    I LOVE your response about believing in yourself. Every damn day I see people thanking God for every little thing which happens to them. Not that there is anything wrong with believing in a God, but one has to wonder how much actual belief and self esteem these people have for themselves. Heck, I'm a spiritual person and even I give myself due credit for every little thing I achieve.

    I had no idea you began this at 19, I've only ever known you as a musician and a label owner! The"Sarah Palin fetish" thing did give me a giggle, I can only imagine the type of strange person who'd want that!