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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Major Blog Update!

Greetings Readers.....!

It has been about a month since you have read last from me.  I have been extremely busy with many creative projects in the past weeks.  All of them have taken off exceptionally well with video being my primary focus over the past weeks.  Right before Easter last month Daniel Vrangsinn, producer and bassist of two of my favorite bands from Norway, came to Berlin to film a full length DVD feature with me and my video crew.  We started our week with a screening at the goth bar Pech und Schwefel here in Friedrichshain.  He played his last full length album/video experiment entitled PHOBIA and I played some of my Domina videos.  The attendence was very good and we had a fabulous evening. Here is a link to PHOBIA in full on Youtube.

The next morning we went about an hour away from Berlin to film in a 300 year old mansion to film with the newly formed video crew based in Berlin, Bunker productions.  Martin and Crudelia are both genius at devising great lighting, make-up effects, and also directing the action.  We filmed for about six hours, working with the theme of TABOO - the title of Daniel's next solo masterpiece.  In it you will see a plethora of flesh, violence, tender moments mixed with gore and splatter.  He is working on the theme of anti-religious freedom, which is also featured in the material in several different ways.  We spent a few more days shooting interviews and random scenes from Berlin before he left on Easter Sunday.

Following his departure, I had to turn up for sound check and rehersal at one of Berlin's largest and most professional venues, Huxley's Neue Welt.  Crudelia invited me to perform as the Witch in his Vampyric Crucifixion.  It went splendidly to say the least.  Here is a video of it in all the horrific glory!


One week after these extreme actions, I made my way to Stuttgart to headline DJ a Walpurgis Nacht event and stayed there for a few days to relax.  Once back in Berlin, I saw a couple select clients both outside of the studio and at Avalon.  Also I was cast for a second Norwegian Film production, this one is more in the vein of high art mixed with classic De Sade stroytelling, more details will be revealed in the coming months.
I spent last night with the female director, celebrating Norway's anniversary of independence.  Also in the past weeks, FIXE magazine featured an interview with me found here....


Next Monday I will be taking a flight to Spain to check out the infamous "Kastle" SM compound located outside of Barcelona.  There is little real info about the place so my cameraman Martin and I will be out there scouting the location for a couple of days with a rather perverted couple I know from years ago, who are based in BCN.

Of course, I should not let it go unnoticed that I will be in attendance at this years German Fetish Ball in Hamburg, alongside my Danish Latex lifestyle slave.  Please feel free to introduce yourself if I do not know you already...!  I am always interested in meeting performers, sadists, artists and servants!

Ciao until then!

Lady Raquel

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  1. Sounds like one hell of a creative burst! There is nothing quite like having a million things going on to keep the mind and body fully occupied. I really do envy the time you have to dedicate to all of your creative adventures and it's good to know that you give 110% to everything you do!