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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back from my vacation...!

Hello slaves, sluts and sinners....

I have returned from taking a few weeks off after my extremely busy actions of the past months.
The two week shooting with Daniel Vrangsinn went very well, although it was very taxing to handle the 30+ different extras, camera crew and artists who were involved and constantly working in my Berlin based domain.  I gave it my best in any case and I am sure that the completed full length DVD will be exceptional.  I appear in many different roles throughout the DVD - as a half naked rock and roll Domina, as the Whore of Babylon in a sexual tryst with the Pope before he gets shot in the head and eaten by zombies, as a CIA agent who sells out a Catholic School girl to a perverted priest, and as a cloaked maiden who inhabits a mansion with her lover.

All in all it was a hectic and exciting time followed by four days off before I appeared on stage at one of the best metal fests in Germany.  I took again to the stage with the band I work with in front of almost 10,000 people complete with fire cannons lining the stage and all the debauch which you can expect to find backstage after the gig.  After that I decided to take a few weeks off to get back to normal, organize for the coming fall and just.... relax.   I have also started working on some spoken word recording projects in the past weeks as well.

Here I am getting ready backstage....


On stage....
and the next day at the fest!  I had a wonderful time with the bands and the audience!!
For all you collectors, some photos of me are now available in the new book printed by Berlin's well respected Bongout gallery.  I will also be appearing in the next months DJing in London, and plenty more travels are in the works.


Stay tuned for more details....  And looking forward to seeing you on your knees.

Until next update,

Lady Raquel

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for the DVD!
    Voice recording project sounds interesting. I've tried something like it once before, but the sound of my own voice embarrasses me, haha!
    Being featured in an art book must be such a huge thrill, congratulations!