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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bloody Good Times at the Fem-Dom Empire...

Starting off to some Danzig 2 - Lucifuge, I showered and shaved in preparation for the Christmas party at the ever intense Fem-Dom Empire.  His crooning voice set the mood as applied my glittering black eye makeup and tinted my lips crimson, as the night would prove to be.  With my red Italian suede thigh high boots and the rest of my seasonal outfit packed, I headed out the door for a quick drink with my Swiss friend who is in town for the Holidays before heading to the Domain of Vampira and the rest of the lovely ladies who inhabit the Dungeon. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted with the usual friendly faces of those who have become quite close to me in the past months being based in Berlin.  The team at the Empire is exceptional, with a professional attitude and equipment and the passion for extreme lifestyles, art and expression which remains unmatched in my life thusfar.  In this studio, as this evening would come to prove once again, anthing can happen - probably will - and all will be fufilled in the end.  The convergence of artists, musicians, performers, perverts and the talented ladies is the ultimate cast for making that final step into servitude and submission. 

As I was changing into my outfit in the back alongside the fabulous Trans Mistress who was decked out as the Queen of Hearts - (and to what end!) - I flashed Lady Rain my bruised buttocks, as I laughed about the wicked pre-Xmass action where Vampira and friends gave me a night to remember.  Dressed and ready for the night, I took my place in the front lounge introducing myself to some new members and conversing with the gorgeous Lady Rain about various Black Metal bands.  More members and new faces began to arrive - the regular footslave already begging to massage my feet which was denied, the boots looked too cute as you can imagine.  A lovely new couple A&A were making themselves at home.  He was very clean and fit, devoid of one hair on his entire being - in a latex garter and some patent leather stilettos, she was cinched in a red corset with curls descending down her back.  Both were young and friendly, as quite a few of our members are.  Lady Vampira introduced me to her "Super Pappa" - legend has it both of his daughters are pro-Dommes - which I find almost incomprehensible yet extremely cool, seeing that he is just as comfortable next to a throne of nails as his offspring are.  Lady Kiria looked on with a luscious smirk and a gleam in her eye as the bell rang and more party goers arrived.

The White Room started warming up with Kiria's well maintained (rather cute) and collared slave getting his balls bound by Vampira as Kiria and TransMiss took charge of the corporal onslaught while over the leather caning stool.  Forced to crawl as they tugged and toyed the rope connected to his tightly wrapped package, Super Pappa laughed along with us all.  Unable to take the Throne of nails, the blindfolded slave squirmed and begged his captors to have mercy.  They fixed him to the other torture chair preparing him for a hot wax session as I moved my way into the Purple Room with H to dish out some well deserved lashings which were greeted by some of the best whimpers I have yet to hear.  The door behind us opened and who other than that Slut - Slave Jeff poked his head in to greet us.

The first and last time I met slave Jeff, he informed me as to how he used to like heavier sessions but has since moved his tastes to sensual dominance and submission.  An avid foot worshiper, this British slave that flys in to Berlin frequently to get away from the hectic pace of London licked my knee high Gladiator-like stiletto boots but was refused to have my delectable feet in his undeserving hands.  Of course I was happy to see him on this evening once again as the British sense of humour is always welcome at parties like this.  H quickly disappeared smiling and Slave Jeff and I struck up a conversation about Vampira's brutal touch.  I informed him that he should submit to her extreme ways at least once - as I have - for a change to his rather boring tastes. 

Two of my favorite core members of the Empire arrived at this time.  My Slave Lashtal walked in beaming after a Classical concert he attended, and seconds later Chris the resident artist joined us.  Chris's work draws from deeply Satanic, Occult, and Anti-Christian subject matter.  His paintings can be found used by the likes of Sodom and Kreator, two legendary German metal bands. (I will do a full review on his exhibition at the Fem-Dom Empire in the next weeks, as his work leaves me breathless everytime.) We toasted each other and caught up on life while other new faces mingled in the quarters and that British Slut started to succumb to his secret desires of total abandonment.

The double team action of Kiria and Vampira were at it again.  Slave Jeff, being the drama queen that he is, was dancing in feigned agony as Lady Vampira took a cane lightly to his backside.  I taunted him from the leather sofa saying that was nothing yet and took up the red whip to get a few strikes in myself.  My first attempts were too light for Vampira so she took the cane to me while I heartily flogged him which sent a shiudder of delight through all watching including the Slut who was instantly visibly aroused.  I left them to refill my glass chiming in "I am proud of you Slave", as they started a brutally entertaining beating which Jeff could not find his way out of.  A&A were at the clinic chair fufilling each other's longings, and Lashtal found himself enthralled once again with my beauty, making exquisite declarations of servitude.

Moments passed and all were heated up.  Even the fresh faced boy who came for his first fetish experience found a young Italian couple which ended up in some sort of cuckolding scenario.  Vampira decided she had not had enough of me and grabbed her strap on, which left me begging for her to terrorize the rest of the partygoers instead of making me her Fukk Slut.  Jeff landed on his knees as I forced him to deep throat the phallus, it became obvious the endorphins after his beating were taking hold of his pent-up desires.  Kiria entered and once again the double team action took place - this time to delerious effect. Super Pappa was wondering if it was time to make an exit, still enjoying the displays of debauchery orchestrated by his daughter.

I hate a slave that fights off restraint.  I like to see the Will to Servitude displayed by the offering of one's limbs and self to his chosen Mistress.  In this case Slut Jeff was provoking the Ladies in the Pink Panic room, which may have been his undoing.  I retired to the lounge with Lashtal for an some well earned OTK action while Master Heijo forcibly restrained the British Slut, this time inescapable.  After sometime, the crowd became noticibly quiet - too quiet to mean nothing was happening.  Lastal and I entered and in the candlelit room as many looked on as the Sinister Angels of Torment started at the fine art of edge play.  Here the "sensual submissive" really gave in as Kiria and Vampira wielded fresh scapels on either side of this now silent Slave.  Lady Rain looked on, her alluring Kohl lined eyes twinkling as the play unfolded.  Light strokes on either side started to reveal a canvas of flesh which would soon start to emit the most taboo of bodily fluids.  Bright blood scored the playful marks as the two fine ladies worked their magick in tandem, the guests starting to get an inkling of the real power of our Empire's cast and crew.  Much like the work of Meister Swen's tattoo work, Jeff was scored with fine lines whic could be percieved as nothing other than art.  Snowflakes, "Du Schlampe", and "Whore" found their place amongst a labyrinth of crosshatch strokes along his entire torso.  The ladies ended the session by marking the middle of his chest with a Tic-Tac-Toe board - fitting  end to such a double team action.

Meister Swen and I checked the Slave, making sure he was psychologically sound enough to be free after such an ordeal.  He was visibly riding high on waves of adrenilin but still ready to be released.  To my surprise, at this point the British Slut confessed to me that actually he was quite familiar with cutting - although it had been ages - and showed me his multiple fine scars from his past.  This proved to me that although others may think some players have gone over the edge, you never know what anyone's real limits are.  I would like to look at this point further in another blog.... (What is the point where you draw the line...?)

After a shower and some disinfection, the Slut joined the rest of us in the lounge, where Vampira and I toyed with each other and all took part in good talks and the usual imbibing and joking. A&A were a bit taken aback but I assured them that  this was done in good faith, with clean equipment and professionals at the helm of the action.  They related to me their past experiences with BDSM, thanked me for the wonderful time and asked if they could see me again.  Another couple of new members were leaving and I was glad to overhear an exchange that went...

"Have you been here before?"
"No, but I am coming back."
"Yes me too for sure."

We at the Empire are there for discovery and sweetening of our own desires and whims, and are ever more pleased to meld these with our members.   It is a pleasure to see new faces as well as the core members - the Empire being the best blend of professional and lifestyle play I have taken part in.  I am honored to work alongside the team and look forward to more memorable times in the Domain.

We have one last party this year - do not forget - See you on New Year's Eve!

Until then,

Lady Raquel


  1. ...hmm, although our evening was a bit more private it ended with some friendly bloodshed none the quote Motorhead - "another set of scars to boast"...

  2. Privacy has its place, that is for sure - however it is quite a different thing to feel the energy of an audience ebb and flow...! Lemmy would know all about that ;)

    Love to you both!