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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Duty to my Mistress - by Slave LAShTAL

Afflicted by my sensual pleasure of subordination and overmastered by your divine emission of sovereignty i am abandoning myself to you by this symbolic letter of submission. Writing these lines i am declaring that is my pure will to put myself in your hands.
With this declaration and other writings which i promise to write for you i am expressing my personal grace for being allowed to become your servant. This writing means at first of all that i am taking care about myself  in order to dedicate myselft to my worshipped Mistress.
Second i am promising to learn from my Mistress in order to become a good servant. This includes that i will provide my body for my Mistress. Second i am swearing to obey her commands and to express her my devotion by giving her the right signs – for instance going on my knees before her and kissing her hand. So i have the duty to wear a slave collar and chains when my Mistress gives the instruction for it.
Third i am promising that i will comport myself with dignity and grace when she disciplines me by whipping, slapping or other corporal punishment. Each punishment means a little step to enslavement. In order to train me my Mistress has the right to put me in irons, to tie up me and to cage me in the deepest dungeon.
Constituting this letter i am trusting in her not to abuse my devotion. I am convinced that she will take care about physical and mental health and that she takes care leading me to my personal limit.
So i conclude this letter by giving you the grace for becoming a proud and disciplined servant of you.
In subordinated devotion,


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