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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revised Hymn from Slave LAShTAL

My slave has rewritten his original hymn and presented me today with a nice foot massage and homemade hummus.  He excels in practicing his second language (English) with me and has improved greatly.  I always enjoy receiving his Hymns and poems, however grammar corrections are usually in order.  We have reedited the text today after coffee and a light lunch.

More on Empire news, video updates etc soon!

New Hymn for Lady Raquel

In the night in which thou awake
I kneel before thou
O mighty Goddess Hecate!
Expect the sacrifice in lust
Accept the holy victim
Put me in irons
Whip the bloody lashs
In the naked flesh
Feeling the pain
I cry for mercy:
Grace, Mistress, grace!

Desire for blood
Thou take the dagger
To scribe the scarlet sigils
By some painful cuts
Controlling my cries
Your hands strangle
The last decision:
You would show me the mercy
If i obey to your commands.
In fear of thou  i whisper
Thanks, Mistress, thanks!

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