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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drown In My Spit - part 3

Greetings slaves, Sluts, and Perverts alike,
I had such a fabulous time in Russia...!
My Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot, interview and private party went perfectly and I made many new friends and allies while traveling through St. Petersberg, Moscow, and Rostov on Don. Since I have been back I have been indulging in some new sessions and was presented with one of the most wonderful dresses I have ever owned in my entire life.  Photos of me wearing it will be available in the coming months....
Here are a few shots from my Moscow photoshoot... and a review of a recent session from last week...
Enjoy the snow,

Lady Raquel

Today, i was honored to serve Mistress Raquel for the third time in my life. The session, as usual, was a great experience; an escape from reality to the heaven of submission. Lady Raquel has very good looks that may mislead those who do not know who she is. Compared to other professional Dommes i have served in Germany, her feet are the best. Callus does not find a way to Mistress Raquel’s feet. Lady Raquel is very dominant and sadistic but plays within the limits of her sub. Thus, a sub should never mention an activity unless they can really handle it.   
What was primarily different in this session is that Mistress brought one of her Friends to join the humiliation. Before the session, her Friend had never been engaged in professional domination. The session began with me on my knees giving the tribute to Mistress’ Friend then presenting two perfume bottles to Mistress as a gift and the tribute.  After taking off their shoes, i found myself surrounded by four beautiful feet which is something too good to be true. The Ladies required sucking each toe separately, licking between the toes and sucking all five toes at once. Mistress’ Friend is ticklish on her feet and was laughing a lot; sometimes it was hard to tell whether she was laughing as a result of being ticklish or enjoying what was happening.   
While struggling with and enjoying worshiping their feet; a rain of spitting came from everywhere hitting every part of my body, with most targeting face. Mistress’ Friend was avoiding facial spitting probably out of sympathy unlike Mistress who targets face and enjoys most when spit dangles from face. However, by the end of the session, Mistress’ Friend would not hesitate to directly spit on face. The Ladies put music on and chat with each other while Mistress was suffocating me with her toes.
Later on, Mistress grabbed me to the toilet to make me watch her pissing and made the stream hit my face few times. Mistress’ Friend ordered me to oink like a pig for her amusement. Starting to get bored, the Ladies invented a spitting game. They made a scoring system on the basis of targeting certain body parts with the highest scores given for mouth, face and balls. They ordered me to stand with my back to a wall and open my mouth.  The space between me and Them was about two meters.  Mistress had won the contest, and the Ladies started pushing my face with their feet towards the wall. Mistress ordered me to release my load in a glass while sucking on the toes of her Friend.
This was my third session and for sure future sessions will follow every time I visit Berlin.

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