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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review from My Pervert Couple Session!


My boyfriend behaved very badly in last few months so I decided to take him to visit Lady Raquel during our stay in Berlin. The idea was that two of us give him a lesson.  
I dressed my favorite black leather pants, white shirt, black leather jacket and gloves, and of course high heels J. I felt so good in my leather outfit and I was ready for good dominating action. I was very happy about the fact that someone is going to teach my misbehaving boyfriend a lesson.
Since we have never been in professional studio we felt a bit nervous. We set our arrangement at 6 o’clock but we were late for about half an hour. When we rang at studio doors we didn’t know what exactly to expect. Soon we heard sound of high heels coming toward us. Lady Raquel opened the door and she was very angry because of us being late. Two of us ladies agreed that male bitch is responsible for that. Of course, who else could be!? He is going to pay double because of that!
Lady Raquel was looking very sexy and dangerous in her leather skirt, high heels and with all of her numerous tattoos. She sent male pig to take a shower and then the game started. We agreed that we are going to torture him together with following menu: whipping, canning, cross-dressing, waxing, electro torture, depilation of his genitals, dildo fucking…. Lady Raquel really has rich imagination and I was not bad either. I even got compliments from Lady Raquel for my dominating skills! The culmination was when Lady Raquel fucked my boyfriend in the ass while I was jerking his cock. He moaned and screamed like a real bitch, and the harder he screamed the louder we laughed. It was so funny to rip his tight asshole! At the end we sent a bitch to take a shower once again, while we were chatting about sexy shops in Berlin.
Two hours of session ran quickly, but we enjoyed every minute. Later in one sex shop that Lady Raquel recommended, we even bought the wheel of pain for the memory of our trip to Berlin.  It was the same wheel of pain that Lady Raquel used on my bitch, and now I’m using it during our little home games J

Domina I.


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