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Greetings and Welcome to Thee Domain...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from Austria...

And awaiting in my inbox was possibly the funniest slave intro letter ever...
The Austrian alps and Vienna were both amazing, details and report coming soon!

Enjoy one of my top 5 favorite sex fetish emails...

til then,
Lady Raquel

Ive always had this fantasy about a Mistress useing me a sub male slave as live fishing bait for great white sharks xxxxx I think about it when every time I seen a white shark documentry in south africa xx and get real hard ..
The cruel mistres and a couple of her friends and Mistresses Muscualr master driving the boat , all the way im pleading no put my errection gives my desires away my hands tied behind my back while one of her sexy female friends starts chumming.
The boat comes to a stop as my mistress sets up her heavy duty fishing gear and line then strokes my massive errection for the last time just as im about to cum she pushes a large hook threw my penis them pusshes the sharped barbed hook threw each of my balls blood starts puring as im bent over in agaony , then my mistress pushes me into the water and the boat gently sets off i can see it getting further away and at about 30 meters i feel it pulling me along the top of the water like a human spinning fishing lour, its not long before a huge female great white breatches and swollows me hole, mistress reals the hook in and all thats left is my penis still squred by the hook still errected she shows her female friends they all laough and wonder what to do with it, throught it to the segals , use it as bait to catch tea tonight. chop it up add it to the chum, put it on the bbq for later for a hot dog. feed it to her cat/dog , freeze dry it and make a coat hook or somewhere to hang whips on ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Monday, September 6, 2010

Travel Schedule for Autumn!!


My Autumn schedule is filling up at the moment...
This is where I will be found, if not in Berlin...!
See you,

Lady Raquel

Salzburg/Vienna - Sept 17th-23rd
Ukraine - October 6th-11th
Holland- October 28/29
Russia- November 4-11th

And also a trip to London somewhere between these dates!
I will be taking private sessions from Mistress Morrigan's 
Murder Mile Studios.  Contact me for pricing and dates...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

A few more pics from the Avalon Residenz

Here are a couple of the shots from the early summer with Madame Louise!
We are available for double sessions upon request.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stills from "Boese Maerchen" on German House of Pain!

Ave Readers!

I thought I would grace you with some stills from the last video shoot I did at Avalon...
There is actually a storyline... I wanted to twist a usual fairytale about a Princess meeting her King to be
and decided to use my awesome camslave to play the part of the Princess.

All in all it worked out fantastically! Alot of CBT, roleplaying, electro, strap on, needles and more!
Don't forget to view the entire 45 minute piece when it is  uploaded in the coming weeks!
Until then!

Lady Raquel