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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New moves....

Dear readers...

Exactly a month has passed since I  updated my journal here.  The plethora of experiences, travels, great times and kinky situations has been quite relentless - which of course is always welcome. Realizing my dreams through working on new film projects, embarking on a fantastic trip to London, and organizing the next steps in total perversity have kept me very active in the past weeks.

I last left you with the writing of my latex slave from the German Fetish Ball...
I am still in contact with him and also received another mail detailing how he cannot stand to think of rubber with out thinking of me, of course ...

" Dear Lady Raquel,
Reality is not funny anymore. Now it feels like I never want to be back in normal life. I always think about the time with you when I think about my dark sides, which are an important part of me: life was simple and I felt so exciting and secure/obedient all the time together with my dear dominatrix.

I wish that we could be together in latex again and that I could serve you without any external factors interfering in our life. I also hope that I can soon be in that vaccum bed with you controlling me.

Now I'm in latex, and I'm so excited because I of course think of you - and I wish I could be your object again - NOW! When I smell my latex suit it is easy to remember the time when we played. I wish I could polish you and use all my time on obeying you!"

I went to London for four days with my video partner Martin a few weeks ago.  We had such a great time. The weather was perfect, we shot tons of great pics, met for lunch with an actress we are interested in working with, made it to two amazing concerts, and even got around to a bit of shopping.  The upcoming video projects with Martin have really been taking shape in many exciting forms, including a return visit of Daniel Vrangsinn who filmed with us in April coming back  for a couple weeks of shooting at the end of this month.  Our trip was a very solidifying moment for our work relations and friendship.  I have nothing but the best to say about him, his eye for shooting and his energy to get some very intense projects on the go.  Of course there are a multitude of anecdotes and hilarious "coincidences" that we went through on this short but fulfilling trip to England's capitol.

Here is a pic of me shopping on Sunday at a fabulous store where I picked up a jacket by the infamous designer of the Bjork "swan dress"  ... It is truly made to fit me perfectly, and with only one ever made it was an unmissable opportunity to splash out.  Photos of the jacket coming soon of course :)

and another from outside of the concert we saw at the Underworld in Camden...  
Someone was even lucky enough to get a spank in! :)

In the meantime, many new developments have taken place in Berlin with regards to our work environment.  Stay tuned for new on these forthcoming arrangements which shall prove to be exceptional.  The summer is rolling by, I have really rather enjoyed the past month, even with a horrendous case of allergies to pollen last week.  I am now recovered from the worst allergy attack I have suffered for years.  My doctor took care of it correctly and everything is pretty much back to normal thankfully, he also told me it has been a very bad season for many others in Berlin as concerns the pollen count.

if you have not noticed....

I will try to update this blog more often, but as you can see I have been extremely busy in the meantime!
Look for new dates at Avalon as a Guest Mistress coming soon, as well as some news about the Kastle in Barcelona.

Wishing you the best for the summer,

Lady Raquel


  1. You certainly picked the best time to come over here, the weather has been a welcome change to the usual wall of rain and coldness! I can't wait to see these video projects of yours. Will there be a DVD release?

    The jacket sounds amazing! Especially from such a quirky designer. Am I the only one who really liked that Swan dress?!

    I really miss Camden, its such an amazing place. Although I must say I felt a bit out of my depth upon my first visit!

  2. It was perfect, really.........
    I could not ask for more. Perfect sun and fun - ridiculous situations and amazing concerts... loved it all! Martin and I really indulged in all of the delights of the capital of Western culture! Of course that is a metaphor for "we had a sikk time shopping!" :)