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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drown in my spit!!

Greetings xxx,

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the second session this week.  The tickling was some extra fun thrown in for good measure, and yes I completely agree that spitting is one of my special talents.  I imagined that after being coated in several layers of my spit that one more layer of my piss wouldn´t be so hard to take.  The extreme amount of water I drank during session to continue spitting contributed to the great blast of piss which I drowned you in!  ...
Dinner was fun, as well!
Take care until next time.

Maybe one last meeting, we should visit my favorite store...
or I recommend you pick me up a birthday gift from there. 
Shoe size is 38, I wear a size Medium most of the time, small in corsets though.
the shop is called Hautnah, right by Uhland strasse.

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