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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home training with Lady Raquel by slave LAShTAL

On Thursday Lady Raquel has commanded me to do the dishes. This working belongs to a home slave training. At 6pm i appeared in her apartment. She was stylishly dressed in „normal“ clothes. But this circumstance had no effect on her dominant charisma. Then Lady Raquel told me to undress my clothes. She used a switch to enforce her instructions. While i was standing naked except to my underwear i do the washing up. So i had did the dishes for one hour. I had fear of my strict Mistress. She often controlled my work. Making a blunder she punished me by slappings, the switch or a cooking spoon. One time she had taken a whip in order to punish my back. So i could not finish the working but i hope that Lady Raquel was satisfied with her personal slave. At the end i kissed her feet. She gave me one of her shirts as present. I was happy about it because i am able to enjoy her pleasant smell.

After this experience i express thanks to my Mistress! So, i'm ready to work harder for her and to say thanks to her corporal punishments.

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