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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post Vienna Update....!

Hello one and all....!

Once again there is so much to update all of you perverts on, insofar as my recent moves and actions in the world of BDSM and fetish lifestylings.  Vienna was once again an amazing time.  Our photo shoot went fabulously, I am waiting on the photoshopped versions from Hemut Wolech, by have some outtakes available at the moment.  This is how we ended the shoot....
We shot on Mother´s Day, Sunday the 9th of May at the Central Viennese Cemetery.  The weather was exceptional, and we were supplied with some nice red wine and plenty of sunshine.  Working with Hemut was quite an experience, and we will be shooting once again in August or even sooner, depending on my travel schedule.  The other model, Gerda was at the mercy of the other visitors at the Cemetery, which led to her having to disrobe over 30 times in a few hours, but there were no complaints from her or any others coming to pay their respects.

Unfortunately I was not aware that SMart Cafe is not open on Sundays or Mondays so I didn´t get to make it to my favorite Viennese bar, but will be back not too long in the future of course.  Back in Berlin I was able to meet with a new slave who accompanied me to Liquidrome spa and sauna and then out for dinner and drinks before heading back to his penthouse hotel room for some facespitting, slapping and some light bondage.  It was a perfect evening with wonderful company and conversation.
I am thinking of getting a new tattoo tomorrow and want to start with my ankles and calves with Meister Swen at Scratcher´s Paradise....
It will be an early birthday gift to myself since my birthday is on the 26th.
Of course you can present me with any gifts or tributes to make it even better....!

Until next time,

Lady Raquel

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