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Greetings and Welcome to Thee Domain...

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Birthday Present

My worshiped and redoubtable Mistress Lady Raquel had her birthday last Wednesday. What could be a better present than a personal victim who dedicates himself to her? So i appeared in her apartment at 8 o'clock on Tuesday evening, giving her a slave collar as gift. She had ordered me to clean her kitchen. First she brought me to her knees putting the collar on my throat. Lady Raquel told me not to look at her. This command was a hard ordeal for me because i enjoy to see into the deep and beautiful eyes of my Mistress. So she often punished me when i have tried to get a graceful view of her. Lady Raquel was stricter than last time. It was not my first training lesson. So she controlled my working with a dominating eye. I became frightened when she was near me. Lady Raquel used the switch and other different domestic appliances in order to discipline me. But it was a strange vicious circle. She  gave me a corporal punishment when I was stopping working on the one hand. But on the other hand I had stopped working having fear of her corporal punishment. But I know that her slave needs fustigation in order to get a well educated servant.

So her slave got 34 lashes because he has not corrected the spelling mistakes in a letter to his Mistress. He was totally naked as Lady Raquel had put the handcuffs on him. She started to whip the back of me and to torment my body by some ruses. After being punished I kneeled before her expressing my grace to the cruel Lady. A tormented victim should be a good present...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home training with Lady Raquel by slave LAShTAL

On Thursday Lady Raquel has commanded me to do the dishes. This working belongs to a home slave training. At 6pm i appeared in her apartment. She was stylishly dressed in „normal“ clothes. But this circumstance had no effect on her dominant charisma. Then Lady Raquel told me to undress my clothes. She used a switch to enforce her instructions. While i was standing naked except to my underwear i do the washing up. So i had did the dishes for one hour. I had fear of my strict Mistress. She often controlled my work. Making a blunder she punished me by slappings, the switch or a cooking spoon. One time she had taken a whip in order to punish my back. So i could not finish the working but i hope that Lady Raquel was satisfied with her personal slave. At the end i kissed her feet. She gave me one of her shirts as present. I was happy about it because i am able to enjoy her pleasant smell.

After this experience i express thanks to my Mistress! So, i'm ready to work harder for her and to say thanks to her corporal punishments.

Drown in my spit!!

Greetings xxx,

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the second session this week.  The tickling was some extra fun thrown in for good measure, and yes I completely agree that spitting is one of my special talents.  I imagined that after being coated in several layers of my spit that one more layer of my piss wouldn´t be so hard to take.  The extreme amount of water I drank during session to continue spitting contributed to the great blast of piss which I drowned you in!  ...
Dinner was fun, as well!
Take care until next time.

Maybe one last meeting, we should visit my favorite store...
or I recommend you pick me up a birthday gift from there. 
Shoe size is 38, I wear a size Medium most of the time, small in corsets though.
the shop is called Hautnah, right by Uhland strasse.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post Vienna Update....!

Hello one and all....!

Once again there is so much to update all of you perverts on, insofar as my recent moves and actions in the world of BDSM and fetish lifestylings.  Vienna was once again an amazing time.  Our photo shoot went fabulously, I am waiting on the photoshopped versions from Hemut Wolech, by have some outtakes available at the moment.  This is how we ended the shoot....
We shot on Mother´s Day, Sunday the 9th of May at the Central Viennese Cemetery.  The weather was exceptional, and we were supplied with some nice red wine and plenty of sunshine.  Working with Hemut was quite an experience, and we will be shooting once again in August or even sooner, depending on my travel schedule.  The other model, Gerda was at the mercy of the other visitors at the Cemetery, which led to her having to disrobe over 30 times in a few hours, but there were no complaints from her or any others coming to pay their respects.

Unfortunately I was not aware that SMart Cafe is not open on Sundays or Mondays so I didn´t get to make it to my favorite Viennese bar, but will be back not too long in the future of course.  Back in Berlin I was able to meet with a new slave who accompanied me to Liquidrome spa and sauna and then out for dinner and drinks before heading back to his penthouse hotel room for some facespitting, slapping and some light bondage.  It was a perfect evening with wonderful company and conversation.
I am thinking of getting a new tattoo tomorrow and want to start with my ankles and calves with Meister Swen at Scratcher´s Paradise....
It will be an early birthday gift to myself since my birthday is on the 26th.
Of course you can present me with any gifts or tributes to make it even better....!

Until next time,

Lady Raquel

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reflections on our first meeting....

Hello Lady Raquel

Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you. What a wonderful plan to meet at the K Grill with its great food and atmosphere.

I am impressed with your beauty, charm and elegance. You possess the talents to be successful in any pursuit.

I look forward to future deeper penetrating experiences of the mind, body and soul.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Story by slave Marco

Deadly Imprisonment

I felt feverish and disoriented. I tried breathing but was getting very little oxygen. I had just awoken from the last suffocation session by my all-powerful Goddess and Mistress Lady Raquel. I adored her omnipotence and had given myself to her completely. She could kill me if she wished…and I almost wanted her to…You see, this is the ultimate act of giving yourself over to the power of another…

I found myself tied to a table, my arms locked down, encased in a rubber suit. But the most erotic element was my gas mask. It was heavy and rubbery with an opening directly over my mouth and two eye slits. I could hear my labored breathing clearly through the opening. I could also hear Goddess Raquel walking around me. I turned my head to see her amazing high heels…6 inches long with leopard print design over clear plastic…not just “fuck me” shoes but “I will destroy you” shoes. She wore her best corset pushing her breasts up and out…her flesh was so enticing and beautiful... 

“Mmmmmm, Marco, you should see yourself. So restricted and so little air…the only air coming through the that small opening in your gas mask. Do you like your gas mask, slave Marco?  Such delicious torture and imprisonment. All I have to do is block your air hole with my hand like this…” She placed her hand over the air hole, smiling, and I was soon struggling for air…the tiniest bit of air…I spoke into the rubber mask and my words echoed against my ears: “Are you going to finish me, Mistress Raquel? I am so hard and I want to cum inside my rubber suit…please let me cum before you finish me off…please…please!”

Goddess Raquel laughed. “Do you feel feverish and disoriented, slave? On top of your slow smothering, I have injected you with a mild virus to raise your temperature. A fever enhances arousal and makes you even more enslaved by my power and sick desires…Don’t you want me to end your pathetic life, Marco?”

The Goddess laughed as she lifted her long, strong, perfect leg and placed it over the air hole in my mask. “Suffocating you with my leg…that’s why I love gas masks. They restrict your breathing and allow me to stop it any number of ways.” She smiled as my arms and legs shook in panic…As my panic grew and I sweated heavily inside my rubber prison, Goddess Raquel admired her foot in her shoe, spreading her perfect toes, completely uncaring that she was suffocating me. “Do you like my shoes, Marco? I wore them just for you. And my feet are so perfect…beautiful, smooth skin and prominent blood vessels…Look at my fantastic arch while I smother you to death. Ha Ha Ha!”

Just as I was starting to pass out, Goddess Raquel removed her leg and picked up a piece of long, thin plastic tubing. Slowly, as I inhaled and exhaled quickly…my labored breathing creating an eerie whistling sound…Goddess Raquel wrapped the tubing around my neck in two loops, passing the end through the loops at my throat. As she pulled on it, it tightened around my neck. Her eyes glowed as she placed her wonderful, strong hand over the hole, sealing it again…Soon my arms began to shake in panic as she smothered and choked me simultaneously…My body wriggled and bucked against certain death.

Growing excited and wet, getting off on my complete helplessness, Mistress Raquel removed my bonds and straddled my body, sitting on my crotch, rubbing my engorged cock imprisoned beneath the rubber with her beautiful ass…She rubbed and rubbed…but she knew when to stop, just before the spasm of release. Then Goddess pulled again on the tubing, strangling me, slowly crushing my windpipe…She laughed and purred as I choked and gagged…Then she arched her body backward, pulling on the tubing with all her weight, my body rising as she crushed my neck…How I wanted to cum…oh, God, I had never experienced such cruelty and coldness and stimulation…my dream coming true of Goddess Raquel, the ultimate and true dominatrix, slowly murdering me.

She moved her body up and down, strangling me with the tubing…releasing me…strangling me…laughing as she choked the life out of me. Sometimes she would place her hand over the hole as she pulled on the tubing. I heard her breathing excitedly as I grew weaker and moaned inside the mask. She would lean forward and press her face against the mask, licking it…I was delirious from the fever but aroused beyond belief…I could see her rouged eyes through my eye slits…they were alive with power and excitement. ”Please, please let me cum, Goddess Raquel. Please let me cum for you!”, I begged, my words muffled by my rubber prison.

Goddess Raquel released her breasts from their confinement. They were moist with excitement and from her working her strangulation technique. Slowly, she slid her body forward, poising her breasts above the breathing hole in my mask. “How do you feel, Marco? You are taking in precious little air…I love how the mask is moist from your struggle…Do you feel like you are drowning? Can you smell my perfume mixing with the warm smell of hot rubber? Mmmmmmm, now let me seal off your air with my beautiful breasts.”

Goddess Raquel pressed her breasts over the hole and I could feel my air completely cut off…so hot, so still, so dizzying…I felt her shifting her powerful body as she again pulled on the tubing, my body rising with her breasts…I gagged and my ears began to ring as she strangled and suffocated me at the same time…As she committed this wanton act, she looked  at her toned legs and her beautiful feet, her arches tensed inside the high heels…Then she lifted her breasts and slid her body back…but continued pulling on the tubing…I raised my hands to resist…my weak effort excited her even more as she rubbed me again with her ass…It felt so warm and strong…The ringing in my ears grew louder…everything was going white as my breathing hissed and gurgled loudly through the mask. Then, finally, I could hold back no longer…My cock spasmed and spasmed…I felt my cum ejaculating inside the rubber…the spasms were endless because they were fueled by my excitement and delerium…I clenched my fists as Goddess Raquel, smiling broadly and extending her tongue, pulled one more time, admiring her strong hands as they tensed around the tubing…

Would she carry out the final act this time? Would she spare me for more dark domination and breath control? Goddess Raquel, how I am addicted to your brutality and beauty…

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I will be in Vienna from Thursday the 6th - 10th...
I am planning on heading to SMart Cafe on the evening of the 9th if you want
to meet for a consultation...

Stay tuned for photos which will be shot at the Central Vienna Cemetery by Helmut Wolech!

Until then...!